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Apply for direct entry into the National final

You are only required to pay the entry fee if you are chosen to take
part in the National Final.
We will look at your photos and if you are successful then you
will be offered a place in the National Final.
All National Finalists have the opportunity to come to our publicity shoots prior to the final. This will give you the opportunity to get great photos for the local press and social media.
You also get to take part in the amazing final.


If you are selected to take part in the National final there is an entry
fee of £250.

This can be paid either by you & your family or by a sponsor.
The entry fee can be split into 2 payments, and once you have paid the first payment, we will send you an announcement graphic to post on social media

National Finalists also receive one of our fantastic official sashes with your title on it. We can also supply you with personalised official sponsorship pack and press release kit.

Check out the fantastic prizes at

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